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Who Is Leather Alley?

SF Bay Area Leather Alliance

SF Bay Area Leather Alliance

Leather Alley at Pride is a project of our main beneficiary: The San Francisco Bay Area Leather Alliance

The Organizational Directors of the Alliance include:

These groups have participated in Leather Alley in the past, or plan to begin joining us this year:

  • Alameda County Leather Corps (ACLC)
  • The Brotherhood
  • California Boots & Breeches Corps
  • GearUp
  • Homoto Motorcycle Club
  • Masters and slaves Together Santa Clara County (MAsTSCC)
  • Phoenix Uniform Club
  • San Francisco boys of Leather
  • smOdyssey
  • The Society of Janus
  • San Francisco Sex Information
  • The San Franciscans
  • Santa Clara County Leather Association (SCCLA)
  • Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, Inc.
  • SOMA Bare Chest Calendar

Our thanks goes out to SF Pride Celebration staff for all their help in creating and growing this area over the past few years. And our eternal thanks and appreciation to Teddy Witherington, Mario Torrigino and Marc Johnson, for their years of leadership and assistance in establishing and maintaining a place at SF Pride for the leather and fetish communities.