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Volunteering for Leather Alley at Pride is easier than ever. To sign up:

To volunteer for a demo, contact demos@leatheralley.net.

Leather Pride Contingent 2004 - courtesy of Pretzelpaws
Leather Pride Contingent 2004 – courtesy of Pretzelpaws

How can you help?

Equipment Pickup and Return: We need people on Saturday to help us pick up gear at various locations and load it into a truck.  We will also need people on Monday morning to help us return the gear to those locations.  People who can get themselves to designated locations at designated times would be particularly valuable.  Contact Val at leatheralley@leatheralley.net to make arrangements.

Setup and Teardown: We need people who can arrive early Sunday morning, or stick around after the Alley closes.  If we get enough folks, the work goes very quickly.  No special training or experience required.  Contact volunteer@leatheralley.net to sign up.

Ushers: This is mostly making sure people don’t take photographs or get too close to the demos.  Ability to answer basic questions about BDSM, and to deal with crowds, useful.  Ushers act as ambassadors, helping to promote respect for our community and share our history and traditions to those who are curious.  Contact volunteer@leatheralley.net and let us know your preferred time slot(s).

Gate Donations: These volunteers mostly stand and hold donation buckets at the entry or exit to the Alley.  Ability to smile and say “thank you,” and to answer simple questions, very useful.  Wearing leather or other gear a bonus.  Contact volunteer@leatheralley.net and let us know your preferred time slot(s).

Hospitality: These folks check in volunteers as they arrive, and maintain the volunteer hospitality area, keeping the food service area stocked and clean.  We also have “floater/runner” volunteers who deliver messages and supplies, bring water to thirsty volunteers, and do other tasks as needed.  Contact volunteer@leatheralley.net and let us know your preferred time slot(s).

Demonstrators: Key to the value and appeal of Leather Alley are the demonstrations.  Experienced pairs or groups are needed, with an emphasis on kinky activities with strong visual or audio impact.  (Sorry, we cannot match up individual volunteers.)   Diversity is important.  Most demos last either 60 or 90 minutes.  Demonstrations may be silent, or volunteers may choose to discuss techniques and answer questions.  Demos are intended to teach safety and respect as well as technique. Contact Lincoln at demos@leatheralley.net for more information and to discuss.

All Leather Alley volunteers have access to a private area with healthy snacks and clean port-a-potties. You will also receive a Leather Alley volunteer pin and our undying gratitude. Thank you for helping out. We could not do this without you!

Groups: If you have a group that might be interested in participating, please let us know. We will try to accommodate everyone interested, but there is a limited amount of space. It’s a great outreach opportunity! To find out more, or let us know your group is interested, please email leatheralley@leatheralley.net.